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Friday, October 18, 2013


Since the death of my blog I could not even get on this site to post. My IT guy has snuck me back in.
My blog has since moved to wordpress. I cant begin to tell you the crap I had to go thru to get my domain back from google. Very long story. Two weeks later, today, my domains has just now been transferred to godaddy. And I will have way more control over them. This should not happen again.

In the meantime, I have been trying to get used to wordpress. Ive been on googles blogger now for almost 10 years. And for google, this blogger is really a afterthought. Wordpress is much more reliable. And you have more control.

So, here are the two domains I now have :

This is already forwarded to wordpress and is working right now. However, it will go thru some maintenance in the next day or so.

this is the original that google lost. I did find out today that the transfer to godaddy has just completed and it should be pointing to the new blog by monday.

So hopefully monday I will be up and running on wordpress 100%.

I do have a few weird test posts up. Use the .net address to go there. And keep in mind that it will be going thru some maintenance the next day or so.

After about a week this blog will be deleted. Along with the google account.

See ya on the other side.....


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

domain death

It has come to my attentions that the domain (danosmodernlife.com" has died and since its attached to a google account I no longer use and cannot be renewed. At least not without getting 10 people on the phone from google at the same time so that they can argue amongst themselves.

Am am contemplating starting a new blog, giving google maybe a few day to figure that out....



Thats my store there across the river. Tuesdays are my long ride days and I happened to spend a couple hours south, then a hour north.
So I snuck past the store passing thru town.

It was one of those rides where you had a lot of time and no where to go. So I tooled around in the woods. Tooled around the city for some urban assault.  Put down 15 miles out in the country roads too.Perfect cross bike ride.

Ended up with almost 3 hours of saddle time. Took a tour of the city park we held our MTB race in on Sunday. Considering we were battling wet conditions it was in pretty good shape.
I was pleasantly surprised to find very little work is needed.

Im really liking the cross bike. But I think its going for sale. And if I do end up selling I will get a Felt carbon frame for Ultegra Di2. Mechanical disc brakes.

Dont get me wrong, the Sram Red 22 hydo stuff is great. And light. But Im just spoiled with the Di2 stuff. Im not going to put it on the floor or anything. Just word of mouth. If I dont sell it thats fine too. I'll keep riding it. Its a nice bike.

Soon the group will be riding in winter mode. All the road bikes get put away. And all the people with cross bikes get them out. And if no cross bike then they ride their MTB. So cross bikes rule until its cold enough to ride on the frozen beach. Then I put away this pretty cross bike and ride my disc trucker tour bike, with all the racking off it.
 Im still bummed I did not use it this year. My so called busy Fall just would not let me. But someday. Im still tossing some stupid idea of a small tour after my daughters wedding, maybe the last week of Oct.
That will be a credit card tour. Hotel only. Too cold for this kid to camp.
Time will tell. If the weather is anything like it is today I'll leave in a heartbeat.

Sunny and 60's. I'll take it. Get outside. The leaves are falling and the clock is ticking.