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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Game On.

 Just bought this guy. Not a trainer.

This post has been coming for weeks. Maybe months. My weight has ballooned to its highest point in 20 years. Its to the point of bailing on the group rides cuz Im struggling so bad. I mention this not because of the time of year or holiday season. Its brought on by my declining health and poor performance in the saddle. I struggle badly just to try and finish the rides. Ditching the bike for awhile has crossed my mind due to frustration.

I realize my eating issues are stress produced. And still cant seem to keep it at bay. And its the eating thats the issue. Intense riding only "neutralizes" the problem, then the lack of riding always lets the pendulum swing toward the weight gain.
In the past, I always tried to combat with just more and more riding. Only to eat more and negate any calorie burn. Very frustrating.
 In the meantime, I have purchased a spin bike. Its not the highest end piece available but the price was right. And I really hate trainers. My weight makes trainers so unstable. 

With my impending lifestyle change, Im thinking instead of backing off the bike to maybe diving into it. Im talking full on training. The structured kind. I just might want to see how far up I can go from as far down I am. 
That would be interesting..... I think.



  1. Good for you Dano.

    BTW...any bike that doesn't move when you pedal it is still a trainer:)


  2. TF,
    Im not calling it a trainer so I can keep the motivation to ride it....

  3. Good luck on your endeavor! I've tried losing weight over the past several years with very limited success.

    This October, I started using SparkPeople.com to track my calories. The great thing about that site is it gives me daily meal plans, eating healthy food that is easy to fix. Plus, the food plan is based on allowable calories based on how much you plan to exercise. So the more you plan to exercise, the more calories per day you get to consume - all while losing weight.

    So far, I've lost 28 lbs since Oct. 1 and I'm still losing. One thing I've had to change is my approach to food - it is a fuel, nothing more. I used to eat just to eat, and I often ate way too much food that in moderation is OK. But 1/2 bag of chips at one sitting is too much!