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Friday, December 3, 2010

Its Frday

Its Friday and I have taken the day off from the day job. With them having me drive to Milwaukee and Chicago everyday I have not been able to spend any daylite hours in DANOville for two weeks. So I asked them to be able to work out of my own office today they said no and so I bailed on today.
Day off with no pay. I dont care. Been so stressed lately with falling so behind at the store.
Today is catchup. Hope I can get it all done. And that includes a cross bike ride.

Things started off on the right foot today as the resident eagle made his presence know to me this morn while visiting my happy place. Impending snow may have me grooming the trails in and around the HP soon but I heard most of the snow will miss us. But its a start.

Since I have a ton of eagle pics I now try to sneek up on them and try to snap a pic when they bolt.  Hence the fly away pic. Watched him\her fly south for several minutes. Very cool.
It brightens my day. 

Plan on the group ride in the morn. Most likely  we will have beach. I still have not decided what bike to ride thru winter. The Superfly has one or two rides left in it and then its shined up and retired till next spring.
Most likely I will use my cross and take most of the carbon off. At least the wheels. But then next spring I will have to plan on a new driveline for sure. As I mentioned  a few posts ago, this bike was on Treks demo program but I used it a bit too much and had to buy it personally. So I now own my very own cross bike! But its always for sale tho......
So off come the Eastons and on with the crappiest wheelset I can find in the basement.
Ready for salt, slush and sand.

Wife's out of town this weekend so Im gonna be on my own till late Sunday and thats a scary thought.
Lets see how much trouble I can get into.

But first I gatta get off the computer and get some bike store work done.


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