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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moving on.......

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As we head into another holiday (the one I don't like) I have a lot on my mind. With my day job's days running out I am looking into the next chapter of my life.
Back in say... 2002 I was not the guy you know today. I owned a trucking company that I built from scratch. In its hey day it grossed about 6 million per year. I dumped it in 2002 cuz I was sick of working 15 hours a day. I went from making six figures to sleeping in. It was the best thing I ever did for myself in my life. 
The hardest part was adjusting my expenses. With high salary came high credit card payments. All my personal debt had to be negotiated. After a year of doing nothing I took the sales job I have today. I made half as much money and was twice as happy.

I am now at the point where this is going to happen again. My day job has me "reassigned" to another office in another city and thats not going to work for me. So I am once again preparing for this scenario to happen again. This is the wrong time of year to rely on the store for income. Jan and Feb bike stores are in survival mode. So in some ways I pumped for this, but financial worries follow. Once again I will have to negotiate my personal finances. However, I would never let that stop me. I'm the kind of guy who has no problem jumping in with my eyes closed. 

Gonna do it for real. And I am going to be a happier man for it..


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