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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Report

755am. About 35 yards to the north of my usual.
Just thought I would stray a bit from my HP and move a few yards to the north. Its really amazing how many pics I took from the same spot give or take 20 feet. Im gonna put together a file of ten pics or so. Will post if I do.

And now I have a new reason to hit my HP and thats to check on the trails. A little icy as I said yesterday but still a good ski.
If your gonna do it now is the time. Its a bit on the colder side but the woods looks amazing with all the sno trees. 
Absolutely beautiful right now.

Do it for real.

Upon further inspection the beach is in bad shape as the ice has pushed way up the waterline. Hard to ride.

But that has never stopped us before.

And its only Thursday and the beach can change completely by Saturday.

Lets hope so. Planning on the ride Saturday and trying to get out on the ski's before that.


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