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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time Found

Another awesome HP pic.
I am still amazed on how diverse my everyday HP pics turn out. About 80% of them, like this one, is taken out the window of my car. I don't even get out. I'm gonna look back and pull a top 10 of these and throw them in a folder for all to see. All of them taken within 20 yards of each other.
First thru

Having worked a 20 hour day on Tuesday gave me some well deserved time off on Wednesday and I used said time to my advantage to actually get in my first ski of the year. A couple inches of fresh snow fell overnite so the trails were in need of breaking in for the day and thats just what I did.

As expected, the first ski of the year was a bit awkward and very tiring. The snow was way sticky as it was 33 degrees out. I didn't even need to wear gloves. Im glad to get that one under my belt. Hope to get more. 
Im thinkin about grooming the trail maybe Friday morn. I got nuthin going on till late afternoon.

I am thinking that I should be getting in some bike and ski this weekend. And will try my best to do so. 
At first I was thinking about it, then checking into it, now its a done deal.
I ordered my Pugsley frame and fork. Mid Jan arrival.
Im thinking of stripping my old Fuel of its slightly used XT stuff and using that with a 1X9 in mind. I cant wait. Its not a bike for our Saturday group but plan on using it on frozen lakes and rivers, riding the snowmobile trails and stuff like that.
Would be cool to get a good group together for that.
So order yours soon!


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