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Monday, December 13, 2010


1X9 winterpinkie rules.
Life's been burning me out on full speed of late. 

Today at noon was the first time I had some time to sit and type at my leisure. Feels good. Soon things should slow a bit for me. If not. Then I will slow them myself.

Weekend started with the Saturday ride. I was pumped to get 1X9 winterpinkie up and running. She will be my steed for the rest of the winter. The Superfly and crossbike are both detailed and hanging in the store till warmer weather.
Saturdays ride could have been better. 
We hit the beach right off the bat and it was a bit soft for a fat guy with thinner tires. So I flipped it and rode about 2 hours solo. It was good tho as I had a ton of stuff to do in the store anyway. Got in some beach, trail and road. Nice.

 While working in the store we were selling ski's like hotcakes. The impending snow had people pumped. Me too. The storm it hard in DANOville.
And thats exciting to me. It didn't start until late Saturday nite but rocked all nite long. Went to bed smiling like a kid on Xmas eve. The morning could not come soon enough. I wake up at dawn and you could not slap the smile off my face. A tree almost fell on my daughters car. It was awesome!

I quickly hit the road in the morning and headed to my happy place and it did not disappoint. In fact, I was the first one in the park. I love that. Not having to share my HP with no one. 

I ended Sunday by grabbing the groomer and laying down some sweet classic.
I love doing stuff like this. I get to ride a snowmobile. In my HP no less. As almost on cue the sun came out while riding thru the woods. It was hard to not take any sno tree pics cuz I have hundreds already.
It takes about two hours to groom the trails in the park. More if I had more time.
So its a weekend that I would call acceptable. 


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