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Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Ride.

Saturday, 910am
Finally we get in a true winter ride. As strange as it sounds it felt good to once again battle the elements. While the snowfall amounts were very disappointing here in Danoville we did at least get a chance to ride in it a bit. The woods was very frozen and fast. I had to bring the Superfly as I stripped out a set screw on one of my brakes on the cross, rendering the brake useless. So I kicked it on the frozen trails and even had a chance to podium there. The 29er rules.

However my smile turned to a frown once we hit the beach for several reasons. First off was the fact that I was riding my Superfly Elite on the beach. The sand was not entirely froze and throw in the water crossings and the bike was a mess. Some days are better, some are worse in this respect. A completely frozen beach is way better cuz its drier. But a wet beach ride is a disaster for the driveline and when I returned back to the store, decided enough was enough for the high priced bike and its now retired for the year, will get polished up and will hang in the store somewhere only to return to action next spring for WORS.
I need to throw some kind of winter bike together. And fast. Will have to think about that and only have a week to figure it out.

Another big ass boat.
The ride to the restaurant had the beach in pretty good shape, It was froze just enough for me to even pull a little bit as we pelotoned along the lake. However, the ride home was not so good for me. The sand softened up a bit and since I weigh at least 100 pounds more than most I sunk in a ton and struggled. For me it was like a 15 mile climb. I stayed with it for the most part but toward the end was down to 8mph. I barely made it back to the store.
Everything hurt. Neck, back, legs, arms, everything.
I was so sore last nite I could not get to sleep. Wow.

And as bad as I felt I could not help think that I sure need more of this.


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