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Thursday, January 6, 2011

And So it Begins.....

Today is kinda a down day. Nothing to do. Sure, I can catch up at the store but I dont need to today.
I stayed in bed till 815. 
These are the days that I fear the most about being unemployed. Im so used to being busy that I dont know what to do with my self when Im not. I always have the feeling I should be somewhere or doing something.
Those feelings should pass in time ( Im told) and soon I will be living the life of a bike bum. At least that is my hope.

I am in the store and getting things done to an extent. But really I wont get going until tomorrow. Tomorrow is the beginning of a month long trek (no pun intended) into all the things that are not fun in a bike store. And so it begins.

Tomorrow is end of year inventory day. My brave and willing Trek rep will be here all day tomorrow helping me count every bike, spoke and cable end. Then its to the computer to reconcile the whole deal and see how far off the floor count is. Its not really that bad tho as I have a state of the art computer system here. Hand held scanners and such. My problem is I dont know how to use it as I did not do this last year. I just watched. So Im kinda looking forward to using the stuff I paid thousands of dollars for. 

Then after inventory the fun starts. Accounting reports, product and bank reconciliation, then study the P&L's to re do the stores 2011 budget. All fun stuff. I will do a lot of it before the store opens in the morn.

Also, tomorrow marks my first bike commute to the store. Winterpinkie is set and ready to go. On days I plan on doing store work only I will not touch a gas peddle. And will document the crazy 8 mile (one way) commute as much as I can. The ride home will be the craziest as it will be at 7pm. Im goona make sure I am lite up like a Xmas tree. I will be riding on some 55mph county roads. Kinda scary cuz at 7 at nite, when its 15 degrees and snowy the last thing a car would expect to see is a bike. However, this will limit my HP morning visits. I guess I will just have to go for a bike ride during the day sometime to get there....  not a problem.

I am looking forward to my commutes.


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