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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time to Ride!

Several years ago there was a time where I was living alone and was very bored. With all the downtime I had back then (sometimes I miss it, sometimes I dont) I made these stupid videos instead of just taking pics. I was not very good at it so it took me a long time to do. 

Here is one of those videos. Having deleted most of them I have 4 left. This one really shows our Saturday morn breakfast ride at its best. Lots of bikes, friends,fun.

Of late, this ride has been at its worst. The beach has been unridable since late December. Big snowfall, then rain, then below zero temps have made it bad. No open sand to ride on. All covered in ice formations.
That, along with the Holidays falling on Saturdays among other bike related things has put a dent in this ride. Last week and I think the week before it was single digits for temps. The ride is now less than a handfull of bikes. 3 or 4 per week.
This Saturday the temps are going to be in the 20's come ride time. Its time for the group to come back. Its time for you guys and gals to renew your commitment to this 15 years and counting ride. Its time you get back on that bike you love and ride.

What? Your going skiing? You have 6.5 other days to ski. Saturday mornings are reserved for the bike and you know it.

Yeah.... Im talking to you. 

See you Saturday morn.


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  1. I tried posting on your blog but either I did something wrong, it doesn’t like me or there’s a long delay. I’m not real good with these things. Yours is one of the 3 blogs I follow regularly, I just lurk, usually don’t participate. Sometimes I want to post comments or questions but never have. I do get motivation and inspiration from yours though, battling the same weight and fitness issues.

    The videos you did a few years ago were the inspiration for my Christmas DVD I made this past year. My favorite was the one with the White Strips Music, I tried to save it but couldn’t and then You Tube deleted the music from it due to copyright issues. If I could get a copy of it yet that would be great.

    My best recollection of the Breakfast Ride is that it started in the late 70’s-early 80’s. They used to meet at Wolfs Cycle and Harley Leikam even rode one of his Klein's with the guys for a long time. The participants have changed so many times I’m not sure any of the “originals” even ride any more....Spiro, Labouve(RIP),Clearbout(Colorado),Harley....

    I have tons of reasons why the ride doesn’t work for me anymore

    * Stopping in the middle of a ride doesn’t agree with me, once I stop it’s hard to get going again all wet and tired and especially after eating.
    * I work Friday night 4 P.M. to either Midnight or 4 A.M. Very hard to get up and ride after only a couple hours sleep.
    * I don’t have a “beater” bike, I always rode my “good” bike and upkeep was an issue (easier to just run or ski for a workout).
    * I CAN’T KEEP UP!

    I do see you guys come home every weekend and even see you leave sometimes. I’m still there in spirit. I did get worried the day I saw you come home alone early afternoon until I read you were grooming trails after the ride.

    Good job on the ski trail grooming, we’ve been there a couple times since and it rocks. Reading your blog is like checking a virtual ski report with pics and everything, thanks!

    Mike & Heather