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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Pretty big gap in posts this week. At least for me. Still trying to settle down to my new life schedule. Just got some bugs to work out in that respect. Today was a good  visit to my HP. Its been a while and I stayed and goofed off a little. Took a walk, took a few extra pics today. 
Frickin skate hiway.

Sunday I took a drive up to Green Bay and skied the well groomed trails at the Reforestation Camp. While I was and will forever be classic, there must have been 100 skaters there. And with skate highways like this pic I could see why. Made we want to. A few guys must have been going 30mph when they past us.

We did get a little snow here in DANOville, and I did groom the park yesterday, but the skiing is still marginal at best. I was pleasantly surprised to see these conditions just an hour away while we could still see our lawns back home.  Got in about 10k which is the longest I have skied in my life. I was pretty wiped when done but I still didn't want to stop.  

Store's inventory is finally done, with no real surprises. Just a lot of cleanup from sloppy data entry. 
Today feels like a quick bike ride as I have no other plans to speak of.  

Winterpinkie for sure.


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