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Friday, January 21, 2011


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The first real cold spell has hit. 9 below this morn. High of 3 today.
Makes me want to ditch the group ride in the morn as Im sure many will with a projected low of negative 3 in the morn.
Its to the point now that I wont ride in the cold unless I break my cold weather record. As you see here in 2008 we still ride when its kinda cold.
Technically we rode at -9 but could not get to take the pic for about an hour later so we called it -8. Thats the record.
So tomorrow morn it will only be -3. Just another bike ride.
But I am still planning on being out there. Most likely be a shorter than usual breakfast ride but a breakfast ride non the less.

And right now I need all the miles I can get.

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