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Monday, January 3, 2011

Dano 3.0

Winterpinkie rules!
Nokians kick ass!
Quite a bit has happened since my last post. First off, I have made a commitment to riding more. 2 hours on Friday and two hours on Saturday. Its incredible how much better I feel on the bike already. A week go I had problems getting in one hour. Even after a minimal effort ride. I truly never felt worse on a bike than I did a few weeks ago. Fitness gone, weight up. My shoulders and neck hurt so bad after just a hour ride I had to stop and turn home. I truly am starting from the bottom.

But after my fourth hour on Saturday I felt way better. Its weird how fast that comes back. I am planning another 2 hours today and its day three of training 2011. Its game on. On January's agenda is just base riding and weight loss. Most likely that February's too. Just get out an ride. I gatta get the spin bike out of the store and in my basement. I am a total outside guy but just in case. Spin bike will be last resort but its nice that I at least have the option. 

Im kinda pumped about the riding. And thats cuz I now have the time to do so. I no longer have a day job. My last day was Thursday. I wont go into a lot of detail but it done. Big weight off my shoulders as I was always on edge about what was going to happen there. Just way too stress full. Glad I can move on. I do have things I can do on the side. I will not have to entirely rely on the store for income but starting today will be the first time I pull a paycheck out of the store. Kinda exiting and scary at the same time. Wrong time of year for it but it has to start sometime so I guess now is as good as any. The worst is giving up the company car. I had a full boat ride there, gas, insurance, the whole deal. Today I bought a 600 dollar beater car that I plan on not driving so much. Its bike commuting time.

So off I go into a new chapter of my life. One that should be filled with lots of bike riding and making a lot less money. 

I find that very trade very acceptable. Gatta run to the bank and than its 2 hours in the saddle.

Bring it on.


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