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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grooming my HP

Layin' it down.
Double trak!!
Im sure most of you know I do the grooming at our local State park. The one I call my HP (happy place) but its real name is Kohler\Andre State Park.  I am grateful to be able to do this as its a way for my to "give back" to my HP. Its where I ride my bike (summer and winter), of course ski, visit with the Bald Eagles, and just hang out on the beach to do some alone time thinkin'.

Monday we had a good snowfall to complement the snow we had Friday nite and Tuesday I laid down my best groom of my life. Its nice to actually have some snow to work with.  I spent a lot of time packing the base as this is the base that will last us the rest of the winter.
I even got to double track about half the trail. Thats never been done there before. Ive never been so proud. Heading into the weekend I was assuming the trails would be hit hard but now the temps are dipping into the negative with tonites forecast calling for -8 for a low and a high tomorrow of 3 degrees. Thats gonna keep the traffic low. I was hoping for a big  rental weekend for the skis\snoshoes.

Just dress warmer........


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