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Monday, January 31, 2011

It Really Was a Nice Ride....

I'd like to think my call to arms helped a little.
We had 8 bikes show up on a snowy Saturday group ride.
Thats about an 120% increase from last week.
And yes, it was slushy.
And yes, we got sprayed with salted snow as the cars zoomed past.
But it really was a nice ride.
For real.
It was my first 2+ hour ride of the year and I can feel it.
The additional riders brought up the speed quite a bit.
We tried the beach twice. No go.
I was dropped a few times.
Its been several months that I have been dropped due to the small groups.
I guess I better be careful, or I will get what I wish for as far as the rider count.
More bikes = faster rides.
Faster rides = suffering.
More suffering = faster Dano
Faster Dano = less suffering
I need a good kick in the ass on the bike more often.
Abuse me.
Bring it on.


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  1. I finally saw one of those bald eagles yesterday at the park! Pretty cool.