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Friday, January 7, 2011

New Toy

Merry Christmas to me.
Well looky here. A 2011 6.5 Project One w\ Sram red showed up. I think I will have to ride this one myself. Really its been here a while but I just never mentioned it yet. This will be my road steed for 2011. Store color green in argyle. Will post more pics soon. This bike is crazy light, built in Wisconsin and is my first plunge into Sram road stuff. Note the 6.5 carbon wheels behind. 
I might not be fast but I will look good.
Prepping for store inventory today. Bring it on.

As I look over my blog I find it hard to link a decent female blogger. I try to link blogs that are at least updated once a week. I need more girls here so if you know anyone pass it on......
My unemployment has not gone well to date. My 600.00 beater car has already dropped its muffler on the road and I have to stick another 300.00 in it. Bummer. I wish I did not need a car. And as cool as that sounds I really do. Bummer.
So off I go with my MC1000 in hand. This device is crazy unbelievable what it can do.
Gonna count stuff.


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