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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Same route. Faster bike. Nicer day.
The last couple of days have been filled with transition. Return the company car. Bought a 600 dollar beater. Try to make heads or tails from the unknown. Adjusting my budget both personal and the stores. I just put many hours with the stores 2011 budget and now its garbage and has to be completely redone to include me. Bummer.
Personal budget gets a makeover. Transition time is touph as I can only speculate on how much money will be coming into the household. Good thing my wife carries the insurance.

I do most of my best thinking and planning on the bike and thats where I have been for the last few days. With last weeks thaw done and over the streets are completely clear of ice and snow so I park winterpinkie to ride a much faster bike. Same route but I was back to the store about 15 minutes sooner with the lighter bike. Felt good to ride the cross bike. Feeling better on the bike with every hour that passes in the saddle. I skipped Tuesday cuz I heard the weather dudes say Wednesday was to be close to 30 degrees. However the 6 degrees this morn says they are wrong. Wont ride today unless it hits 20+. Week one in training 2011 was a success as I have stopped gaining weight and can feel the tip in the other direction and I feel better on the bike.  Baby steps.

 Store does not open till 11am but here I am at 8am, sitting in my office, getting things done (including this blog). The heat is programed to kick in an hour before we open so its flippin cold here right now. Like 52. Fingers so cold its hard to type. But heat should kick in any time now...
Having more time here right now is a blessing. All the end of year stuff like inventory, accounting, taxes and now re doing the budget will take me about 30+ hours. And I mean an uninterrupted 30 hours. So I guess I better get going on real stuff.

Cuz it might hit 20 degrees today.

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