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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Update (Saturday Edition)

Windy day at the HP
A very rare posting from Saturday morn. I bailed on the group ride today with most going to the swap meet. And its kinda cold. And I have not finished the store inventory. All the counting is done but now its sit in front of the computer to adjust the inventory line by line.
Happy to report no big discrepancies. 

However I did get a bit of bad news last week that I have not mentioned.

We have had our first theft. We had a bike stolen. In hindsight it was our fault. We have a hallway that you walk into before you enter the store and keep two or three bikes out there. Not locked. Im sure someone came in to keep us near the back of the store and another just grabbed it and wheeled it out the door. Lesson learned and bikes are cabled. I had a Madone out there last summer. If you see this bike rolling around DANOville tackle him(or her) for me.

I hope to get in a ride tomorrow. Solo if I have to. During the Packer game if I have to. Its that important to me.


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