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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend with Snow.

Battling snowplows

Saturday had us waking up to almost 4 inches of new snow. That means a busy day for me. My bike of choice was winterpinkie w/studs. And she did not disappoint. I navigated the slippery road with gusto. The Nokians just make these slippery roads a snap. No white knuckle. No worries.
Just winter riding fun.
So after a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast we headed home and I busted away when we rode past my happy place cuz I had some trail grooming to do.
The park crew just shook their heads as I rode up on my bike in 4 inches of snow to grab the snowmobile. And I must have looked kinda weird grooming for two hours wearing a Bell Volt on my head. But I got the trails groomed, parked the groomer and jumped on my bike for the ride home.
It was a 2 hour 15 minute ride split by an hour for breakfast and two plus hours for grooming.
The trails are in fair shape at best, but I am glad we can at least get out and ski again.
And the rental ski's are once again leaving the store daily and that at least lets me keep the lights on in January.
Sunday woke early for no reason and headed down to my favorite coffee shop to hang with the hipsters and drink expensive coffee. One of my fav things to do. Rest of the day was couch and football.
Doing a bit of freelancing so I found some work for Monday and Tuesday.
Next post Wednesday.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine.


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