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Friday, February 25, 2011

Another reason to wish the snow away.

H.P.....denied! 820am
This is as close as I can get to my HP. Damn the snow!
Today I get to spend the entire day in the store as I am the only one here.
Really not like working at all. But have a lot of work to do.
Spring bike stuff to order.
Its a good time when you start with a black page, open up the catalogs and just start picking and choosing. For me its not that hard.
I just pick the stuff that I would want or use and that works out pretty good for the store.
Making sure I get some of it in my size.  :)

Not so sure on the ride tomorrow. The skiing is back on plus the Birkie is this weekend.
So I would think the Saturday group is going to be small again. No beach to ride does not help either. Although it is the time of year that most of those roadie guys want to stay on the pavement anyway.
They call it training.
Looks like the temps will only be in the mid 20s so that will keep the slush to a minimum.
I hope for 3 hours in the saddle.


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