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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Borrowed pic from Rev Jim H.
The latest from DANOville is the "blizzard of the decade". It did in fact swing farther south as expected and I was disappointed. Just not the devastating "white death" as promised from the weather dudes. They always talk this shit up so much that when it gets here its a disappointment.

Never the less its still a snow day here and everyone is digging out. I dont know.... maybe 8 inches last nite and 6 the nite before. But the drifting was pretty awesome.
I could not open the door to our house this morn. Over 3 feet of snow against it. I busted it open as much as I could ( maybe a foot.) and pushed my wife out to shovel it open. 
Its still blowing a bit but as of noon all the roads were passable and plowed. 
South tword Beertown and Chicago got more. Lucky!

I am looking forward to laying down a new groom at the State park later this aft. After such a snow it is just breathtaking in the woods. The best is the first pass thru. When there's a ton of snow I just run the snowmobile thru a few times before I hook up and its just beautiful back in the woods.
I'll take some pics......


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