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Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Beach of 2011

Todays group plus my shadow.
Take away all the ski trails and look what happens. Bike count doubles.
Even the cool guys show up like Brian "I dont need no stinking helmet" Schwaller.
I was, and never will be, cool enough to ride without a helmet.
With the almost week long thaw we did get some exposed sand on the beach and the 19 degree nite froze it a bit. So we did get a little beach today, first in two months. But it was pretty rough and a 260 pound guy riding a drop bar cross bike with 80 pounds of pressure (for the road) suffered quite a bit. But it was nice to ride next to the lake again.
And today I had to cut short as my Saturday guy is up north skiing so Im solo in the store and had to get back by 10am to open. Im OK with it. Once in a while.

Mixed feelings about the impending snow. Calling for 10 to 12. If it sticks around a while then fine.... if its gonna melt by next weekend the forget it. Either way, I might be laying down a groom late tomorrow. 
Come to think of it, one or two more times out on the ski's would not be a bad thing.


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