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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday w\football

My posting has been a little slower of late. Been busy but today I get a break and will work the store alone. I like that. But before the store opens I get out and about. Got to the HP and spent some time on the beach. Great way to start the day.
30 footer!

Once again, the same 20 yard stretch looks completely different that last week. Huge ice formations now rule the landscape. Some as tall as 30 feet.
I used to walk out on those things when I was young.
Im way smarter now.

Standing at the high water line(in summer)

The formations reach out quite a ways now. Still no where to ride. This has been the worst year for beach rides and is most likely the reason the Saturday group numbers have been at its lowest ever.

Next to the snow, the other big thing is the Super Bowl. I dont talk a whole lot here about football but I do follow our team very closely. Back in High School I didnt play any football but I did study it. I was more interested on why the play worked as opposed to who was playing it. In time I gave it up to move onto other things like motorcycles and girls.

Having our team make it to the Superbowl this year was a nice surprise due to all the issues during the year. Win or lose it was an awesome year. In fact, it made our season complete by beating the Bears for the NFC championship. Beating the Steelers is like icing on the cake that we already have. With a win, I will be at Lambeau Field come Monday to celebrate. I was also there the Monday after in 1996. I gatta be there...
After all, I am an owner.........

Go Pack!


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