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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frozen HP/Thinking Spring

Awesome HP pics!

As usual I was amazed by my happy place this morn. I headed out for a very brief walk on the beach. 
Very brief because.......
A: it was -8, and
2: I was wearing shorts.(I wear them year round)

The ice formations are the biggest in well over 10 years. In fact I cannot remember them this big ever.
I still am going to put together my top 10 HP pics and Im sure the formations will be one of them.

I used to hit my HP on a daily basis as I was driving to work. But now I dont have any set hours and the frequency has taken a hit. In the last month I think I groomed the trails there more than I visited, although I consider both the same.

Its almost mid Feb and the store is thinking spring. And that makes me think of spring to. I stare out onto the floor and see my 6.5 Madone and Superfly in the window and makes me want to ride in short sleeves. I really do like winter and hope the skiing is around for awhile yet but the cold temps is what hits me hard in my old age. And as far as that's concerned I have had enough.

But in a few weeks its going to be March and the ultra cold temps will be gone. The sun is higher in the sky a little more every day. In fact the weather dudes are calling for close to 40 degrees this Sunday and it cant come soon enough for me.



  1. Sick of it here too. Love your HP photos, am looking forward to seeing them together. I covet your pink bike too (yeah, pink) but alas I'd probably die trying to ride it, LOL.

  2. What is it about cold that makes aging joints more stiff than normal?

    Those flows are awesome! We get some cool ice flows that pile up in the river at break up, but nothing like that!

    We are one day closer to spring tomorrow. But don't get too excited about the warmer weather this weekend - it won't last.