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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun Sale

First of 3 trips to school
Today I finished up a fun sale. Loaded up the car three times and delivered 15 bikes to a local school district. I really like selling bikes to schools cuz I know kids will ride them. Actually, they have to or they get a bad grade. And who knows... they might just like it.

I got in a pretty good ride yesterday but not today. Damp and foggy.

But warm. Walking around outside with a tshirt. Next chance for saddle time will be Saturday morn. But not a lot of it as I have to hold the store down all by my lonesome. And thats fine, I have to let the weekend help have some time off too.
The ski trails here are just about done for. If not totally done for. Temps predicted to go above freezing for the next week, maybe longer.
And thats OK by me. Bring it on.


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  1. Get a bad grade if they don't ride? Oh boy. Glad you got a good sale. When I was a senior in high school in West Bend, WI we were given a choice of what we wanted to do for gym class. I took cycling because I loved it and that was my only transportation. We had to provide our own bikes which was fine. I had my road bike a Schwinn (still have him, can't use him on these gravel roads though) named "Benjamin". That was the most awesome gym class I ever had because we also learned the rules of the road etc. It was then I learned I was allowed to ride IN traffic! LOL. We are talking 1979...