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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glad it Snowed

I felt kinda bad that I tried to push winter away so quickly. I was too quick to count it out and wish it away. 
Im sorry.
I was a little punch drunk with the 50 degree weather. Deep down I did know it was still February and winter was far from over. But last week I wished it was. And now Im glad its back.
The woods are as breathtaking as it gets. During todays groom I must have stopped and just looked 50 times.
The skiing is prime. The temps are perfect (about 28 degrees) for fast snow. The sun is out and its very warm. Im pumped that winter came back. I can wait awhile for spring.

Maybe about one more month.


1 comment:

  1. We needed that short reprieve from the cold! Now, I don't mind the snow and the wind as long as it isn't below zero. Sure is pretty out there now, eh? I loved snowshoeing yesterday and the ice is covered, yay!