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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My One Football Post. (OK... two)

DISCLAIMER: This is a bike blog. But this post has nothing to do with bikes. So if your not a football fan you are excused. Posting on bikes and all the stuff to with them will resume with the next post. Thank you.

 After the events the last few days I guy like me needs to vent a little. In a good way. As I mentioned in my last post I do enjoy football quite a bit. Ive studied it in my youth and really, when I watch a game I still do. Most people do not really know my passion for the game because I pretty much suppress it. I could start an entire blog just on football. But I dont. I dont talk about much really but when something like this happens it all starts to flood out. My last post was before the game. This one is after. As soon as I finish typing this, Im off to Lambeau Field to join in the big party going on there. It started yesterday and is still going strong. I was there in 1996 too. My 16 year old daughter was at the airport yesterday when the team landed. About 30 thousand there for that.

I watch games alone. You see a QB get sacked, I see the halfback who missed his block. You see a QB sit back almost forever and then find an open guy. I see 2 holding calls that were missed. If you are a football fan you should watch a game with me. The invention of the DVR lets me run plays again and again and I can show you why whatever happened happened. My wife hates it.

Some observation: Ben Roethlisberger had a bad day. And it could not happen to a better guy. His off field antics makes him not my fav of mine.

The NFL owes an apology to Clay Mathews for picking Troy Polamalu
for defensive player of the year. CM3 forced a game deciding fumble, knocked down a pass to almost intercept it and was pretty much all over the field. The only thing Polamalu did consistently was be 3 steps behind where ever he was supposed to be. No comparison. I think they picked Troy cuz hes quite a bit older and that's bogus.

I could write here for hours but Im not. Gonna head down to Lambeau and get it out of my system, and then hopefully return to business as usual. If thats possible. Stuff like this does not happen everyday. At least not until next year........


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  1. I am really excited for all of you people in Packerland, but I am happy 'cause the Packers are my team!