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Thursday, February 24, 2011


The other day I was ranting on how I was ready for spring when it was 50 degrees.

Then I was ranting a couple days ago on how I was glad winter came back.

Today I got to the store early to do some paperwork and set up some bike stuff orders.

But instead, I went back into my archives of summer pics ( I categorise my pics by seasons) and just went thru all of them. Spent a good hour on this as I have hundreds. Mostly in my HP. Heres one from last year. 

And as I drove to the store this morn I was thinking a bike ride would be nice today. Its 32 degrees already at 830am. I just cant get spring out of my head right now. I do miss it. I hate having to put all the layers on to ride my bike. I miss short sleeves and my Sidi shoes. 

But with the late season snow comes the warmer temps during the day. It pretty much abouve freezing every day now.

And with all the snow the roads are a soaking mushy snowy mess so I am denied my ride. And with the 3 to 4 foot piles along the road will be for awhile. And all of a sudden... I am not so glad we got hit with more snow. Yes... the woods were (and probably still are) breathtaking. I did get out for an hour and a half ski yesterday. But my euphoria for winter vistas has passed. That ski time in the woods just did not pack the punch it had in January.

I want the snow to go away!

I keep telling myself that I will be able to work on my weight as soon as I can ride more. I need to ride 15 hours a week to lose weight.  Riding everyday is here right now is possible but a pain in the ass and not always fun.

I dont want to ski anymore.... I want to ride my bike!

So I retract what I said in the last post. 


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  1. Yea, I've got the same feeling. We're supposed to get another dose of heavy snow tonight...again. I, too, just want to ride my bike.