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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Store Stuff

Now that I got all the football out of my system its back to work. And back to the store too.

One thing Im getting better at is pre-orders. Vender's give you a couple percent discount if you order way ahead. But it was hard for me to do with no history to rely on. 

But now that Im closing in on two years (already?) its getting easier to do so. Today I put in my CC ski order. And not for this winter which is going full on right now. Nope.

Its for next fall. In retail, in whatever you sell, you need to work six months in advance. Last fall (Oct) I tried to put in my spring bike stuff order but just did not have enough history to do so wisely. So I missed out. Next fall for sure.

I still work out of the store. Driving a truck for several organisations. All on a part time basis. But I have a date. And that date is April 1st. As of that date I will be full time in the store and will have to make some hard decisions on employee hours. Ive been working here now for almost two years without taking any pay. Im due. And the store is ready for me having paid down all the start up cost loans in the last two years. At least most of it.

I actually am in a pretty good position with my profession in the transportation industry. I will work the store full time in summer, and work out of the store in winter. My madd truck driving skilz will let me pull that off easily.

So its about six weeks and counting and I will be on the store's payroll for the first time.

Bring it on........


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