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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Sunning on the dunes.
Todays morning HP visit had a lot in store. Saw these two guys warming on a sand dune. They are all over the place. 15 years ago we did not see a lot of them but as in the now resident eagles, have made a comeback to the area. I would say that is a good trend. About 10 are in the park now.

But those revelations pale in the sighting I had there this morn. I appears I have found the footprint of the elusive Pugsley. I know of no one who owns one locally. So this must me a migration of some sorts. Quite a rare find. I spent some time and looked for other signs of this rare appearance but to no avail.  It appears the rare Pugsley was here and gone.

This is the first sign of a Pugsley in this area and that only means they are venturing further south, as in the eagles.
I can remember to the day the first time a saw the eagles here. Now I cant wait until I see my first Pug.

Bring it on!


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  1. I was just told that there was some secret Pug fest over in my HP this weekend. Anyone got info on this?