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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Ice rink.
Its just not fair. The only day I can ride is a bust. Light drizzle\snow turned the streets into an ice rink this morn. No way would you ride today and not take a digger at some point.

And I just put road tires on Pinkie cuz I had to put my only used cross set on the sold  bike yesterday. So I was preying for at least dry roads today.

I keep telling myself I will start riding more very soon. That the weather will turn and I'll cut back on work hours. But its not coming soon enough. 

Very soon I will once again be in panic mode as far as weight\fitness goes. Like spring last year, and the one before that and the one before that.

I believe that I am in the worst cycling shape in 5 years. I had about 5 hours in the saddle in Feb. The same in Jan. Its really approaching critical. Right now I would not even be able to hang in our group social rides. And if I cant do that, then whats the sense of even riding for me. Im not the kind of guy that can just ride solo all the time. Im (at times) a social butterfly and like the aspect of riding with my friends. So I really have a decision to make. Buckle down and get back in the game.... or change my lifestyle to one of less riding.

That said.... I know its not hard to get back in the swing of things. Its just a matter of time. Once I can put some time aside to ride it will come back quickly and I know that. Last spring I was just getting into it and feeling stronger every ride when I got hit by the car. That was early June and put the brakes on everything last summer. I struggled after.

Hopefully that wont happen again this year. So my main focus right now is not to panic. Concentrate on the task at hand and put some "me" time aside to get back in the peloton.



  1. I think u are weak that you did not ride. Not in an insultive way but in a motivational way. I rode my fixed gear and had no problems. You just need to have good balance take the turns carefully and not make poor excuses not to ride.

  2. I think a glaze of ice was a pretty good excuse not to ride. Really, you rode a fixxie around the streets of Sheboygan that morning?