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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Bright Side......

Perfect beach!
Saturdays group seized the opportunity this cold snap has provided us and we pretty much had the best winter mode ride of the year. Last time we got in a beach ride was late November.

End of the line. Water too deep. Not sure what else was going on.

We rode the completely frozen beach for almost 15 miles before a huge water crossing stopped us. So we looked on the bright side of this cold weather on Saturday. You could not slap the smile off my face. Just strange how our best winter beach ride came just a few days before April.

Seems we had our resident Kenda pro Wall-E along today. He hit the ground twice. Carbon wheels and all.

So I gatta say Im glad its so damn cold out. At least on Saturday.
Now.... it can leave anytime.

Today its going to be about 35 degrees later this aft and thats good enuf for me to get on the bike. Its funny how I will ride in single digits with the group but that's just too cold to do myself. Looks like every day is going to get a little bit warmer and that's good new to me.
Two weeks ago I had a 10 hour week, then last week was zero. With the three I put in Saturday I hope to get close to that 10 hour mark again and ongoing.
It snowed a little too.
After all, I am a bike shop bum now.

Bring it on.