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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Check out the Mean Guy...

Check out the comment under yesterdays post. That guy really does not like me. When you have a public post such as mine, that a bunch of people read, you going to have this once in a while. I don't let it bother me unless its a well thought out post with very good points. I have had some of those and actually take them to thought. But this guys post is a real dandy. I don't delete posts like that. I point them out so we all can have a good laugh. 
He hates when I comment about crappy weather. And I do. If we have a lot of crappy weather I have a lot of posts about it. When we have a ton of good weather it makes my blog also
So that offsets.
Then he go's on to tell me how to run a bike store. Apparently my staff sucks, as do I, and I'm doing it all wrong. Apparently he has seen the stores numbers from my accountant and the store is in fact, failing. Sorry buddy, it is not. In fact I am now a full time employee as there is now financial room for me to do so. Just received 35 bikes yesterday in prep for warmer weather. Summer accessories will be ordered on the 15th. We are good to go and I'm pumped!

Usually, I don't use this blog to sell store stuff, the store has its own website for that. This is, again, a very personal blog that I use to type out my thoughts and maybe on what I have been doing of late.
That's all. No other reason.

So if your going to call me names, and give me advise on how to run my life or have some thoughts on how I can make my store better at least you can sign your name and we can chat about it. 

If not..... then I will use it for entertainment.



  1. For what it's worth, Dano, I think the weather sucks too. Just look ahead and keep on biking!

  2. Have to agree.... the weather sucks. Too nice for most winter activities and not quite nice enough yet for most summer activities. Now I suppose that Mr. Anomynous is going to come back at you and say that you still suck because the only other people that reply on your blog have "Big" in their name. C'ya on the trail.

  3. Had to go back and read that comment.
    Wow, that was a lot of vitriol for a benign post. I know Dano, Dano is a friend of mine, Dano rides bikes.

    For the record, there are only a few regular local riders who can lay claim to riding a round-trip breakfast ride at -8 degrees. Dano lead that ride! I think that gives him a basis for complaining about the weather.

    Don't like his store, don't shop there. That doesn't give you any right to disparage his livelihood anonymously on his blog. Personal attacks are immature at best, definitely uncalled for in this forum.

    You should focus that anger and ride farther and faster next time.

  4. As casual readers of your blog we are entertained and ammused by your bantor. Most of the time.
    Because we spend most of our time at the shop does not allow us to participate in most group rides. 99% of the time we are at the shop well before it opens and for a good time after it closes. This does not men we don't ride and to make that assumption is ignorant at best.
    Early mornings and Sundays are our prime riding times.
    Next time you make a statement like this , please take a minute and really think about what you're saying.
    Keep Blogging DANO, it always makes our day.

  5. Sorry that it sounded that way. I did not mean it as it wrote on paper.
    I do know you guys work a lot and do ride bikes....
    I made that statement under duress at the time...

  6. Dear Mr. Snark-E-Rider,

    If you want to attack someone so vicious and personal, you should really do it on the bike. Dano has a multitude of bikes ranging from Road, Cross to MTB so attacking him on his loyalty as a “cyclist” is a not a very credible argument. If you want to attack and belittle him on his choice of frames or components, fine. If you want to make fun of his Iron Maiden riding jersey, fine. If you even want to dare to make fun of his pink components, fine. OK, sorry. It’s not fine to make fun of him on the pink components. Pink is very cool. Besides, if you’ve ever lost anyone you’ve known to breast cancer, it’s a nice symbol to show you care about someone and something more than yourself. Which brings me to the point of why I’m calling you out on your comment. Sheboygan has been consistently producing top caliber riders for close to 25+ years. While you may only know the current stars, there have been many other high caliber pros, cat-1-2-3 riders that dominated their classes throughout the nation in Road, Cross, Mountain and BMX well before them. The question you should be asking yourself is why Sheboygan consistently produces these types of riders? I can tell you for sure that we didn’t get there by being snarky with each other. We got there by riding with each other and supporting each other. When you ride with a better rider, you become a better rider – automatically. You have no choice in the matter. If you fall behind, it’s your job to dig a little harder. If you get dropped, it’s the leaders job to slow down to pick you up. When the wind is particularly brutal, the stronger riders will shelter you, even though you know (and they know) you are not pulling your duty. These are the dynamics of a group of riders who support each other and like riding together.

    So how do we address your concern of the classification levels of riders or “cyclists”? Do we automatically discount the people who ride cruisers, grandma bikes, recumbents (god forbid), or ride on anything less than a $5k bike? Do we discount the people who only ride on the weekends because they have “family” responsibilities? Do we discount people who’ve been away from riding for 20 years and have started riding again? Do we discount the people who’ve ridden 700 miles on a trainer over the winter but never set a single wheel outdoors? Or as the final insult to everyone, do the few of “us” riders who have raced professionally discount almost all of you because you’ve never raced as a pro? The answer is absolutely NOT! It’s a ridiculous argument. That’s why you should ride with someone better. It not only makes you a better rider, but it teaches you some class and respect. If we as riders all thought that narrow minded, there would not be the sport of cycling. I’ve been away from Sheboygan and cycling for a long time but have making up for it over the last 5 years. So when I was invited by Mike, my old friend and riding partner to ride with him and the group I was actually quite honored. No ridicule, no hassles and no ill will toward the FNG (fucking-new-guy) whatsoever. And who was on that ride? Dano. And who welcomed me back to additional rides? Dano. They (among other great riders) are the reason Sheboygan has, and will continue, to produce good riders. They have class and they love cycling.

    So again - I say if you want to attack someone, be man enough to do it on the bike in front of your peers. But the chances are that if you ride with your enemies, they will be your friends by the end of the ride.


  7. Well put about the defining a cyclist part.... you ride.... your a cyclist. Period.