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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Favorite Time of Day

My favorite time of the day is early morn in the store. Hours before its open. All alone with all lights off except a desk lamp and my computer.

Very quiet. Very calm. Relaxing. Not quite as relaxing as my Happy Place but a close second.

I do my best work during this time. I open up my point of sale software and I look at every sale that went down while I was gone. Every one. No exceptions. Its my sound tedious but with the system I have its not.

At this point, Thursday morn, I have about 60 hours of work in already between the store and my job. Thats gatta stop. I have to start cutting back on my driving (day job) very soon as the store is getting very busy and I need to be here more. Its just hard to pull the plug on the day job. But I need to get over that.

Lets talk bikes. For years I have debated with many people about rolling resistance of tires. We all think that a smaller, lighter tire with a ton of air rolls the best. And I am talking a 23c tire. Smaller foot print right? I have now seen enough real data to make the switch to 25c tires. Im not an engineer but reading report after report changes my mind. Maybe its not a big deal for the skinny guys but for me I think its a good thing. Im ordering a set for my Madone today.

Speaking of Madone. Ive been starring at my 6.5 hanging in the window since last November. And I really want to ride it soon. I have to lose a littler weight to feel better on it but Im hopeful I can. 
Im thinking (as I do every spring) about a short journey south. Maybe when it hits a steady 40 around here I can take a shorter drive to hit the 60's. Any suggestions? Has to be a 10 hour or less drive. MO,KY or TN? A nice area for 2 days of riding would be cool..... Really want to do it for real.

Who's with me?
Cross bike ride for me today.....


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