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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday w\Noises

One brave soul. 845am

Its sunny over there. 828am
It appears at least one person embraced the winter weather. Good for them. They are way more tolerant than I am. 

Its not so much the snow anymore. Roads seem to be clear enough to put some miles in.
Now its the cold. About 15 degrees predicted at rides start tomorrow morn. I put my amfibs in the basement and thats where they are staying. Looks like its not suppose to leave this cold weather pattern till next Tuesday and that will put things exactly one week back. Gonna skip the cold ride tomorrow and Im sure many will follow suit. Maybe will wait till noon or so and let the temp creep up a little. I do need to ride or the 10 hours I put in last week will be for nought. Would not want to get a comment from mean guy.

The other day I looked into the noises I hear upstairs. Seems the only way to get up there is thru the sign shop 3 doors down. There are three business in this building. Me, a church and a sign shop. I asked about it and they told me nothing and nobody has gone up there since last summer.

I need to get up there.

More thumps this morn.......

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