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Friday, March 11, 2011


The sun is shining today. The roads are clear. Its gonna be 40 degrees. And you know what?
Im going for a bike ride. Road ride to be exact. Got skinny tires on Pinkie.

Today was the first time in awhile that I got to spend some me time in my HP. 
It was awesome. Its weird how my moods swing with the amount of sun shine I receive.
Mean guy update:
If you look you notice I deleted his rebuttal to my rebuttal. He spoke very personal and not appropriate for this blog. With what he said, and using Googles tool for pin pointing location of blog sign in leads to believe I know who that was. Shame. If you have something to say to me call me or email me.
The only thing on my mind as I open the store today is the news from Japan. Very bad stuff.
I called a few friends I know on the west coast and woke them up to hit the beach and watch the tide roll in. At least I hope that's all it is.

I also need to mention my favorite day of the year is this Sunday. The start of daylites savings. I am pumped along with all the others who suffer with seasonal depression.
The extra hour of sunlite at the end of the day is a gamechanger for me.
I am shooting for 5 hours in the saddle before Sunday nite. Which is half of what I did in Feb.

Bring it on.


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