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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have never really set any goals per say. I just had thoughts to where I wanted to be at any particular time. I have always been a guy with a huge imagination. So my goals then tend to be a bit on the unreachable side. 
And I never achieve them.
So... I stopped setting goals.

I could always find an excuse for not hitting any goals. The one of late is....  the weather sucks so I cant ride. With impending snow again, up to 5 inches tomorrow, I am thinking of this goal thing. Should I do it, should I just wing it? Or just do the best I can and be happy with it.

Im still speaking of course of my fitness. It, or lack of it looms larger every day. Warmer weather is coming (so Im told) sooner than later and now is the time to react.
Isn't it weird how all us cyclist think the same thing in March? Only on different levels. Some just want to shed that last 4 pounds. Some, like me, are in panic mode hoping for some kind of results just to be able to hang in the social group, let alone racing.

I have seen people turn things around dramatically. Lose a ton of weight and gain some awesome fitness, posting nice results when racing. Having fun.
But I am not sure I want to commit myself the way they had to. It takes a lot of effort.  It takes away from work, family and more. I did it once. Lost 40 pounds in 2008.
I was miserable doing it. Really.
So I have to decide if I want to be miserable again.
And that's just not fair.



  1. Dano- It doesn't take all that many hours to gain some decent fitness. Heck, I'm nearing lifetime best power numbers on less than 5 hours of riding (on the trainer) per week!

    No more excuses...make it happen!


  2. Lifetime power numbers? Whats that, like 275 watts for a guy who weights 140 pounds?
    Just kidding :)
    I need to hit 275 watts just to walk up the stairs to my bedroom.
    Yeah, as soon as the weather clears Im on it....
    See ya soon on a B - ride.....