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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inside Looking Out.

I was wishing for rain. We got snow. The dude on the radio just said up to 3 inches possible. We have 5 already. Going for 6.
All I can do is just watch as the outside riding gets pushed off another 4 to 5 days.

The Nokians are in the basement. And staying there.

Pretty soon I just might break down and hit the trainer..... if I had one. Yup, a bike shop owner who does not own a trainer. Take one off the floor? Nope. Sold all of them. Order another?
Just so I can use it once or twice and then look at it all summer? Nope.

I guess my life changing, goal achieving, race prepping, weight losing training regiment will have to wait a few more days.
Whats a few more days anyway?



  1. Dano.... You may hate this comment, but I'm speaking on behalf of the entire cycling community here. GROW UP AND QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE WEATHER AND RIDE... as a bike shop owner you are quite the tool ya know..... you suck.... you have personal bikes on display in your failing shop. put your bikes in your space. not the shops space. instead, put something that will sell on display. then maybe your shop can start making money. your reputation depends on it since you dont have a solid crew working for ya. also, set realistic goals AND KEEP THEM. no matter how hard they seem dont give up. because, only you are to blame for your failing health... im out. gotta go ride.... cuz im a cyclist and thats what i do... in all weather, not just fair weather.

  2. Wow. Well, you are welcome to your opinion. Your a very angry person. Hope you can work things out. As a rebuttal...
    1) No way are you speaking for the entire cycling community. I have a shit ton of biking friends and in no way are they as mean as you.
    2) The weather still sucks. And I'll most likely post about it again. Until its nice and warm. Then I will post that the weather is nice.
    3) The "personal" bikes on display are in fact, for sale. I don't own them. The store does on Treks awesome "demo" program. Stop in and take one for a ride someday.
    4)Your post had a little cred until you posted about the store "failing" and not making money. If fact, the store is doing so well I have quit my day job am a full time store employee. Im pumped. The only people who know how this store is doing financially is me and my accountant.(your not Ed, are you?)
    5) When have I blamed anyone else about my health?
    6)My reputation is based on putting specific bikes on display?
    7) This a blog. My blog. I can complain about the weather. I can complain about not getting enough time to ride.
    8) So cyclist that only ride in nice weather are not cyclist?
    9) Have a great ride! And grow up.

  3. Again, I value your right to your opinion. But it does lose strength when you choose to remain anonymous. And talk about issues you have no knowledge about. You seem somewhat informed cuz you know that the two bikes in the window are my "demos" but that's about it.

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