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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pre Store\Storm

815am. Before the magic happens
Well, not a storm per say but we are under a winter weather advisory.
Sitting in the store early in the day. About 2 hours before we open. All lights off except a small desk lamp next to my computer. The building we are in has a huge empty upstairs. Its mostly storage for the building owners now. Completely in ruins and unable to rent out. It used to be offices for Wallgreens back in the 60's.
But when its dark and Im alone I hear huge thumping up there every once in a while. Right over my head. Just heard one now. Like something big fell over.

Some crappy weather coming in. Good thing I got about an hour and a half in yesterday. Saddle time might be slim between now and the weekend.

I was thinking yesterday on how predicable and might I say boring my blog as been of late. Same ol' stuff everyday. Rode my bike..... saw an eagle..... sat for 30 minutes in my HP.
Same old.
I could post my views on politics and religion but that would be a mistake. But Im sure I would get a lot more comments.
Most likely not the good kind.
For the most part, I try to keep the store out of this blog, trying not to make it sound like a commercial.  But lately its all I do.
I could document my ride back to fitness (which is going OK) and weight loss but if it turns out to be lack off then I just sound like Im complaining. And get more comments.
Most likely not the good kind.
Since I do post everyday its hard to find new content. So I'm going to try and post more about the store. Try to lean on the behind the scenes stuff. Although I will get pumped about a certain product I may be using and might rant about it a little. So bear with me there.
You might just find out that owning a bike store is not as glamorous as one may think.
But I will try to dwell on the perks. There are many.
More to come.


1 comment:

  1. My list of other interesting tales you could add to your blog.
    -review arrest in sheboygan county (they are always strange
    -gizmo's life
    -your sex life, I don't even know you, who cares what your spouse (assuming your married) thinks
    -product review
    -continue happy place stories
    -start a cooking blog, assuming you cook
    -book review "Heft on Wheels" sorry I always think of you when I see this book on my self, great book
    -other sports comments, how is your bracket doing,
    -review TV shows, dancing with the stars, the bachelor, American Idol, Survior,
    -investigate the sounds from up stairs and report, I get the same type of stuff at my office
    -Micro brew beer reviews
    -your 2011 cyclocross race info, what is new with that I see the Xtra is coming to Sheoboygan, I would like to do that race but it is the same day as Ironman Louisville, my A race
    -Walk Michigan Ave (I think it is Michigan Ave)on Friday and Saturday night and report on the night life.

    Signed a good Anonymous, not the bad Anonymous who posted a couple of weeks ago.