QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Close you eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord." THE KILLERS

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Its so nice to be able to hit my HP again. Snow piles melted down just enough to get past. Seeing the sunlite bounce off the lake once again like a long lost friend. Its an incredible feeling to see the change of winter to spring. The increased (usable) sunlite is huge. 
To top it off one of the eagles flew by while I was down here. I first saw them in 2008. I guess I can stop wishing they would stay cuz that wish has come true. I still stop and watch them with amazement and stare until I can no longer see them. It really makes my day.

All my panic about bike fitness is slowly subsiding with every peddle stroke. I week ago it was snowing 5 to 6 inches at this time. Today is 45 and sunny, tomorrow is 50 and sunny.
And Thursday is close to 60 and maybe some rain. You could not slap the smile off my face today. 

Check out the trees that still have snow on them from last week. Shows how windy and wet the snow was. 

This week will be full of riding. I have about 5 hours in since Saturday. With more to come. Maybe Iola in early May is a possibility. Maybe hitting the track in Kenosha will happen before June. Just maybe.

See ya out on the road......



  1. Glad to see you've come in off the ledge!


  2. And could not do it without having you kick my ass on the bike Saturday morns.....