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Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update

The weekend, for the most part was fairly uneventful. I did get an hour or so ride in Saturday morn with the group but had to turn back as my weekend help at the store was out of town.
I was prepped Sunday to ride but the ensuing snow made it just too wet and cold. I spent most of the day in the store getting things done without the phone ringing. Mostly cleaning.

Today as I hit the store this morn its still wet outside but warmer. Maybe I'll get to see a dry road later. I hope so cuz there is a winter weather advisory out for Tues-Weds. Bummer.
Im not so upset about cuz I did get in almost 10 hours in the saddle last week and Im feeling much better about it. I wont hit any races until the middle of May so there's time to improve.

I didn't hit the HP today but was there yesterday. The Sandhill cranes have returned, I must have seen a million (12) of them and I saw the imature bald eagle. In fact I now think theres two now, which would be awesome having another yearling around. 

So today I will be playing catch up in the store. It was busy Saturday and when alone you put things off till Monday. Like pending paperwork and such. And I just found out that I brewed an entire pot of coffee without putting any coffee in it. Its gonna be one of those days......  But Ive been feeling pretty good of late so I think I can take it........


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  1. Ha! I just did that the other day. A good time for tea! Must be a trait of great cyclists?

    We have a pair of eagles return that nested last year, for the first time (in my adult life), just down the road from us. It is great to have them back.