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Thursday, April 7, 2011

As promised (to myself)

In the woods. 215pm
As I mentioned yesterday I did get out on the trails for the first time. Still a little wet but rideable for sure. This will now be incorporated in my training loop to the HP. This is my mostest favorite loop in the world and will be an almost daily task. As the temps warm, I am able to bring a camera thats not under 4 or 5 layers of clothes so pics can happen often.

Kenda small block 8s
As if on que, the lake tried its best to damage my ride. I left just before 2pm, and the bank showed 48 degrees, then the wind picked up off the lake and the temps plummeted. I froze my ass off for the second half of the ride. When I returned to the store is was 39. Not fair.

I was happy to take off the road tires and get back to some soft rolling cross rubber. I always wanted to try these Kenda small block eights. I have a similar pattern on the Superfly. While I dont think they would work too well in a Wisco cross race, they fit the bill of training tire. My training loop is about an hour on the road and a hour in the woods. And these tires roll awesome on the road, and do OK in the woods. Perfect.
They will stay on till September. To be replaced with Tufo's come race day.

Freezing in my HP
Today the sun is out, temps are once again teasing me to wear less clothes (on the ride) and I will shoot for two hours today if the lake lets me.


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