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Friday, April 22, 2011

Blue Norcross vs Trisher Cronus CX

Forgot to remove wheel reflectors. Must have looked like a dork.
Took my first ride yesterday on the new Trisher Cronus CX. This bike, along with the Norcross, will be the flagships of the Traveling Cross Bike Demo (TCBD). I am most likely the only guy who is riding both at the same time. I can talk a little bit about the differences between them, but not a whole lot yet. I have only an hour and a half on the Cronus and about 25 hours on the Norcross. So I wont split hairs yet.
First off, right out of the box, the bikes are with 10 ounces of each other. Norcross lighter. Both bikes have Force but each has different chainring configurations. The Blue is standard compact crank (34\50) with a 27\12 cassette. The Cronus is rockin' a 46\38 crank with a 28\11 cassette.
So the gearing and shifting is different. I wont pick a fav right now.

The Cronus comes with these wider bars. The drops are angled out a bit and I like that. Just a flick of the wrist and your down in the drops. No reaching around the top of the bar to get there.

The Cronus has internal cable routing. The Norcross is all top tube. Advantage Cronus.

I'll stop right there as I really need to ride the Cronus more. And you can too when the demo tour gets fired up. In about a month or so. Moving on.
Here's a crappy pic of a crow hassling the eagle this morn. The eagle was not too concerned but the crow was for sure giving him some shit.
Will get a ride in this weekend. Just not sure when. If I hit the group ride Saturday its on a cross bike and I wont last long with that scenario. Madone will stay warm and dry another week.

Almost all the snow is gone. Like last Tuesday was just a bad dream.



  1. I can't wait to hear and see what you think about the new carbon wheels for your superfly. Will you be going to Iola next weekend? It would be cool to meet you, since I feel like I know you already because I read every post on here.

  2. Yes, I will be at Iola. I have yet to get the wheels on the bike. I needed to order new rotors as the new hub is center lock.
    Hope to have it together by Tuesday.