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Thursday, April 14, 2011


8 mpg along 37 mpg
Do the math. If you drive 10k per year at $3.90 cents per gallon. I just went thru this scenario with buying the new car. It gets 37mpg (rated) and I hope to get at least 35 in real life.
Its weird how I almost find these huge SUV's offensive.
Do you really need all that room in there? Do they have 5 kids?
Why would someone pay so much more money to drive such a huge vehicle?
They must have a huge amount of disposable income.

I did get in almost 3 hours in the saddle yesterday and it was a very nice ride. I rode straight west (away from the lake) and it went from 48 degrees to 65 degrees in less than 20 minutes. Layer after later of clothing came off. Gloves came off. Even my knee warmers became too warm but did not remove them cuz I would need them to get back to the store.
So I turned back east (toward the lake) and put layer after layer back on every 20 minutes or so. Its just what you need to do to ride where I live. You just deal with it.
I always travel with a full kit in the car, in summer I have two.
But now I have almost two backpacks full of assorted layers. Clothing to accommodate 28 degrees up to 70 degrees. About one thousand dollars worth of clothes if you count the shoes, boots and helmet.
That's bananas.
A few more days of cold temps have hit. A few snowflakes this morn. Lows in the 20's.
I say fine. Just this one last weekend. Then, it better get warmer.

Or else Im gonna..............



  1. Even if they have 5 kids... what's wrong with a minivan? I guess gas is still to cheap... I've heard that studies say it takes $4 gas to change people's habits. I say bring it on.

  2. Why would you be offended by that SUV? Maybe they have to pull a trailer or boat. Maybe they have some other reason. Dont judge unless you know the story. Unless they are asking you for gas money... let it go. This is a free country yet! Why do you ride such expensive bikes? Maybe they choose to ride a crappy bike and spend the extra money on the SUV. Maybe they will even spend some of their "disposable income" at your store. Then again maybe they wont. "this isn't Russia Danny, is it?"

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    You have missed my point. Its not the cost of the vehicle. Its the amount of natural resources it uses. We are still a country of excess. We use too much. While I do not know that exact situation, odds are they do not need that big of a vehicle. I mean, who really "needs" a H2 Hummer?
    As far as this not being "Russia". I will always defend your right to drive anything you want. You may spend your disposable income where ever you want. And so with this being a free country I have the right not to agree with your decision.
    And since you dragged my store into it... I dont care what bike they ride and where they bought it. As long as they park the gas guzzler once in a while and rode the bike.... its all good to me.

  4. And I realize thats not a Hummer.... just used that type of vehicle to make the point....

  5. You find what someone else drives offensive? Really? I drive a Suburban, used to drive a minivan like the other person mentioned. The Suburban gets 2 mpg less than the van. Went to the Suburban so when my family of 5, plus one of my kids friends, travels to the countless bike races we go to, we could fit the bikes and weekend gear into one vehicle instead of the two we had to take before. All winter is spent taking my sons and their teammates to endless basketball tournaments. I wouldn't get too judgmental about others unless you want the same done to you. Maybe those expensive carbon bikes are too much and not good for the enviroment (just kidding I have one of those too). My other vehicle is a motorcycle that gets about 50 mpg so that beats your little car. After my bike the motorcycle is my preferred mode of transport.

  6. Man..... No, I said almost. If in fact you have a ton of kids, or need to haul a bunch of people with 10 bikes to a WORS race, then by all means get a Suburban. Thats what they are built for.
    I dont spit on Suburbans when they pass.
    I dont hate people that drive Suburbans.

    However, my point is that is not always the case.

    My point would be if you park your suburban to ride your motorcycle when you can then you are doing it right.

    Going back to my first rebuttal, who really "needs" a H2 Hummer? Thats the point Im trying to make. Not diss the person who has the need for a larger vehicle.

  7. Of course I have no facts to back this up but I believe it has nothing to do with hauling kids, towing boats and etc (with the exception of a few cases). I think it is nothing more than a mobile status symbol for most of the drivers. First it was the Suburban, then the Tahoo and now the Cadillac Escalade.