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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cuz I Can.

Spent some quality time this morn in the HP. In fact, I listened to the entire side one of Rush's Hemispheres while there. Side one meaning I did at one time have it on vinyl. I have a pretty huge CD collection and I get pumped when I pull out a oldie that I have not heard in years and rock out to it. Last time with this one was maybe 10 to 12 years ago. Makes me feel crazy old.

The bike on top is my old Fuel. Its 10 years old this April. Its got some very slightly used XT driveline stuff so Im taking it to the store to do something with it. The fork is shot. The rear shock is shot.
So I'll look at it everyday until something comes to mind.
Maybe order some kind of weird frameset to put that drive on? Who knows.
Yesterday was a very busy day for me. With picking up (doing all the paperwork) for the new car, then spending time a the DMV ordering new plates for the Storecar (personalized), I did not get out for a ride. I just made it back for a 530pm fitting session I had going on. 

So with not riding since last Thursday, and with me feeling  pretty good being on the back side of that cold crap I had, and since its already 53 degrees, and since its going to get colder for a few days soon, and since I can, I am calling in the part timers and ditching the store for a day of riding.

Im here this morn, maybe a bit of receiving to do when UPS guy gets here, then Im out. 
Three hours minimum.
Riding Yellowblackblue.
If you see me wave. Hopefully no rescues needed.


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