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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Fine Art of Getting Rescued Gracefully.

Yellow black Blue.
So yesterday I get to the store at 8am. Temps at 42. Awesome. Should be around 50 come ride time. Not. Breeze off the lake again. Fog rolls in. 38 degrees at 3pm. I dress warm and its all good. 
Store was busy so I had to take a shorter route with the hour I had to myself. Once again riding my new cross bike that I have now named "yellow black blue". Those Kenda's were rockin' the road so I skipped the woods due to the time constraints.
Spent some quality time in the HP. Sun was out (pic was taken yesterday).
Turned and headed home with a smile on my face.
About 4 miles from store I flatted. Not sure why, I haven't looked at the bike yet.
No biggie. Im set. Tube and CO2 in seat bag.
You never think of what a pain in the ass it is changing a tube on the side of the road until you do it. Its sounds OK when you say it out loud. But its a downer when you have a good ride going. But you get to the task at hand.
As you are doing this simplest of duty's some people stop and ask if your OK. You say, "sure" and they move on. Its nice that some people still stop and ask but really, what can they do? Mostly older people. But its cool anyway.

Im about 5 minutes into this thing before I realize I cannot roll the tire off by hand. And no levers in the bag. Im pretty damn good with rolling tires by hand but no way was I going to get this one off. Im screwed.

So your mind starts racing. What to do. Looks like Im going to have to interrupt the playlist on my phone to call. Who? Only one guy at store so he cant leave. Who's not at work right now that you could call? I called home and my wife left to get me. 12 miles away thru the city. Its gonna be awhile.
So do I start walking? No. That's kinda dumb cuz what does it matter if your picked up here or a half mile from here? Keep trying the tire? Nope. My fingers were already bleeding and she's on the road already anyway.
So there you sit. Feeling kinds stupid along side the road. You look around to see if anyone see's you.
Some cars still stop. Its kinda embarrassing but still lets me keep the faith in mankind that most of us is good. However, Im sure none of them had a tire lever in their car. 

Here's my trick: pull out the phone and make believe you had to take an important call. Like its from the President or something. Or maybe your a doctor and you need to prescribe 10cc's of something.
And you need to keep standing. Don't sit. And don't walk.
After a couple of fake calls I then just check my Facebook.
Then go thru my emails. Stuff like that.
After what seemed like an eternity she arrives and you throw the bike on the car and get in the car with your helmet on. If you leave your helmet on it still feels like its part of the ride and that nothing weird is going on.

So, I had to get rescued yesterday. I guess it happens. Ive been riding now for 9 years and if I think hard only needed to be rescued four times. Once I broke a wheel, once I hit the pavement and twice for stupid flat tires.

That's not so bad.



  1. Bummer about having to call in support, but that is one sweeeeet looking bicycle.

  2. Hope business picks up at the shop for you this week Dano so you can afford some tire levers:)