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Friday, April 1, 2011


Not today!
I used this pic today cuz its the only one that shows the huge upper in the building Im in. Then 3 business line up under it.

I have never been up there but was told that it a maze of offices once used by Wallgreens. I believe there is two story's above me yet.
All of it has been empty since the 1960's.

As I mention prior, I have heard strange things up there. Right above the store. I walked down to the sign shop, three doors over and talked to them. They have not heard anything but showed me the only staircase to the upper. Said its been locked and unused for quite some time. But the building owner does go up there about once a year. But its been over a year since.

I hear the same noise. Its a dragging noise, not a bump or thud. Only before we open, say 8 or 9am. Sooner or later Im going to try and get up there. But I dont want anyone to know I am. 

Once, right when we opened two years ago water leaked down from above into our office area. Someone did have to up there to check it out. Not sure who or what was found or done. It stopped the next day. I believe that was the last time someone was up there according to the sign shop cuz whoever go's up there has to go thru their work area to get to the staircase.

Anyway... I dont believe in ghosts and an sure there is an explanation. But I always feel weird when I hear it... so I hope to clear this up sooner than later.

Moving on.... my bike riding was prime this week ending 11.5 hours. No riding today for me as I am in the store alone and hope to stay busy........  11 hours today: 8am to 7pm.

Bring that on and have a good weekend.



  1. SO GO UP THERE! The people want to know. (Unless this is an elaborate April Fools joke that started weeks ago...)

  2. I want to! But the building owner lives in Milwaukee and has the only key. And is never around.
    I asked the guys in the sign shop to let me know if he shows up anytime....
    I guess I could ask... but not sure what he would say...
    No Fools joke.... this has been going on for about 6 months now.
    Once I was here alone doing paperwork on a Sunday... all biz's were closed and it was so loud I jumped. Grabbed my coat and left!