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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Help Wanted.

With just traces of snow left from Tuesdays snow my Happy Place visit was very pleasant today. I got there early and stayed quite a while. The blue birds have returned and the sun was shining. While I have a ton of stuff to do in the store today, I cant keep my mind from wandering toward a bike ride this aft. And for a good reason. I now have a new Trek\Fisher Cronus cross bike to ride. Got it in yesterday. Gonna ride it today. Its pretty damn cool and will give the Blue Norcross SL a run for its money. First thing I noticed was the internal cable routing. Very cool. 
These guys are everywhere in the HP

I usually do not just up and ride new bikes. I would rather just sell them. But this is different. I am putting together a crossbike demo tour. Both Blue and Trek is on board and gave me much help with the bikes. Gonna have 6 bikes for all to ride. Three Blue's and 3 Trek\Fishers ( which I now call "Trishers". I should copyright that). I wont go into detail right here but this will be a traveling demo tour hitting races all summer long both road and MTB. And cross races of course. More later.

So now I gatta ride them. Break them in a little before the tour this summer. In fact, I might ask for some help getting miles on the bikes before the tour. The Norcross SL is good to go. Today I start riding the Cronus. And I have a XO1 to ride in yet too. More arriving daily. Really, some of the bikes are either too big or too small for me as I will have assorted sizes in the demo fleet. I really might need some help.

And I still need to ride the Superfly ( pics to come, Jake) before the first race in a little over a week. With the woods just a sloppy mess it doesn't look good. I might need to travel south to hit a wooded area. Maybe this weekend. 

I have so many bikes that I have to ride. I love my job.


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  1. Todays Happy Place picture reminds me of a famous golf course near you.