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Monday, April 25, 2011

I Forgot.

My road ride for the summer.
Sunday I broke down and dug out the Madone. Second time this week I bust out a new bike. I am into "phase two" on spring training and Sunday reminded me how bad it hurts. I forgot.
Im not talking about intervals, which I have yet to start. Im talking about weight loss. Losing weight is done many ways. Its easy for some but not for me. But the specifics are the same. Just spend more calories than you take in. Simple math.
For me the only way is eat as little as possible, and ride as much as possible.
Sunday I put in my longest ride to date this spring. Three hours, the first two averaging about 18mph.
Good effort. 50 some miles.
And I did so on a completely empty stomach. It hurt. The last hour was hard to concentrate. I was that far beyond bonk.
Its not fun. And its not text book.
But its the only way I can lose weight.
With the limited intake of food my performance suffers greatly. I cant group ride cuz I get dropped in 15 minutes. Im always feeling crappy. My legs have no power in them. And this is the way its got to be.
So for the next month or so its gonna be more solo than group. Its gonna be more base than interval. In hope that once I start eating again and get back to full strengh I will have a bit less weight to have to push up the hill.
The hit I take in riding quality now is totally worth it in the end. But right now the way I feel Im not so sure.
Its hard to ride when you feel like crap but Im headed out on the cross bike in an hour. Not so bad as I just had a bowl of veggie soup.
And I think I can ride I little in the woods too as its starting to dry up.

Riding in the trees always takes my mind off my stomach.
Not much else does.

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  1. Hang in there, it will come. Your math is sound....cut the calorie intake and increase the calorie burn (eat less ride more). I did the same thing over the last several years to get back in shape so I know exactly what you're describing. You're right - It's not fun - at all. Then again, putting in a 50-miler on the bike still feels good no matter how much pain. I think that's the price for getting older :) And I don't think you'd "technically" be dropped in a group ride. I'll ride with you so it would still be a "group ride", right? We'll just call it the 2nd wave.