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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Its my time now....

Just imagine staring at this bike since late October. Everyday.
Up until this week I did not even sit on it.
Now its fitted and ready to go.
With pedals and cages it weights in at 15 pounds 10 oz. I have yet to name this bike.

Im not worthy to ride a bike like this and can thank Trek's awesome demo program for letting me be able to ride cool bikes like this.
At the end of the summer it will have to be sold to some lucky person who will get it for a song.
I know its hard to understand but I miss owning a bike. Now, whenever I ride a bike it feels rented kinda. Its mine to ride but not really mine.
Except for pinky. I own pinky.
So now my bike stable is as follows:
Road: Madone 6.5 Project
MTB: Superfly elite (with carbon wheels!)
Cross: Blue Norcross SL
Not a bad lineup if I do say so myself. All bike share a commen theme. All Sram No Shimano. Red on the Madone, XO on the Superfly (2 by 10) and Force on the Blue.

Again, not worthy of any of those rides. But maybe you are.
But not for awhile yet. I need my time with them first.


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  1. Lets see the superfly with the carbon wheels!